Near Death Experiences – What is Death and the Afterlife?

by Kristy
28 March 2012 Category: Blog

What happens to us after we die? Do we head off into a bright white light through a tunnel to see our long lost family members who have also passed on, or do we just disappear, cease to exist?

Near death experiences (NDE’S), and the stories of others who have given minute-by-minute accounts of their experience after being in extreme danger of dying, lead most of us to believe, possibly because we  ‘want’ so badly to think there is an afterlife? Or because so many hundreds of thousands of people have had the same similar experience that it makes it real?

Some of us vote on the side of science that states the brain is acting in a ‘defensive’ manner, in an effort to deal with the horror of actually ‘dying’ -relieving the deep fear attached. These are concepts and questions that sadly, we can’t have concrete answers for until the time comes for us.  Or can we? You’re invited to judge for yourself:

Ben Breedlove:

This young man was pronounced dead not once, but three times before actual death occurred later.

His NDE is detailed in his video: Ben Breedlove.

His experience was described as:

  • A bright- almost blinding light
  • Couldn’t take eyes off the light
  • Smiled and had no worries at all
  • Nothing in the world mattered
  • The peaceful feeling was indescribable

This experience allowed him to feel ‘prepared’ and unafraid of death.  He was not scared and was looking forward to returning to that place. Very comforting.

Phillip Y:

In OOBE experiments, volunteers were able to simulate the NDE by artificial means, as was the case with Phillip Y. a test patient who experienced the same phenomenon as those who actually died.

In an effort to separate from his body one morning, he succeeded.  Phillip observed:

  • A tunnel with a white light at the end
  • Sensation of flight towards the light
  • The flight lasted 5 to 7 seconds
  • It was a pleasant feeling
  • He was fully aware of what was going on.

Phillip was never pronounced dead.

Mellen-Thomas Benedict:

Benedict was an artist who survived a NDE in 1982 after being pronounced dead for over an hour and a half!  He died of cancer, only to be revived - and his story is astonishing:

  • Rose from his body
  • Went into the light
  • Learned about reincarnation
  • Brought back scientific discoveries

The unique thing about Benedict was that he lived long enough to have his experience into a book titled “The Near-Death Experience: A Reader, written by his friends Dr. Lee Worth Bailey and Jenny Yates.  His story also appeared in Beyond the Light, by Atwater.

For more stories of NDE’s please see: NDE’s and the Afterlife.  And for those of you who are skeptical, and would like further information on the scientific recreation of these experiences, see: OOBE Research Center.

Whatever you choose to believe is up to you – but the thoughts of a peaceful end, bringing you joy, comfort or happiness when losing a loved one or facing death, can make the transition much easier, and there is nothing wrong with that!

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