Dough Roller

If your looking for a blog about how to make money, save money, give money and spend money to achieve financial independence then Dough Roller is the blog for you. Once you enter this blog, you can find exactly what your are looking for from a range of insightful articles covering banking, credit, credit cards, investing, personal finance, retirement and smart spending. If your taking the first steps to get your finances in order, this is an excellent resource to come back to again and again.

Dough Roller also offers readers a free eBook called ‘99 Painless Ways to Save Serious Money’ with 99 surefire tips to save money and keep debt under control. Discover awesome ways to save money without having to make drastic changes to your current way of living.

eBook Key Sections Overview

  • Save Serious Money

    99 practical tips to save money on just about anything- groceries, gas, premiums


Frugal and Thriving

The one place to celebrate all things frugal, shows you how the frugal way of life is the key to happiness. Bringing all things frugal, is the creator Melissa Goodwin where she explores tips on how to save money, resources on green living and how to spark creativity in your life. If you are looking for a way to reduce the negative impact around you and create a positive lasting effect on the world, Frugal and Thriving demonstrates some exciting and creative ways to start you off!

One thing that Melissa has taken the time to create is her own eBook titled 'PLAN COOK SAVE'. A key strategy guide to grocery savings which has you covered even if the grocery prices go up! Suitable for all needs as this is Melissa's own strategy she has used for the past ten years as a student, full time worker and mother. A 240 page eBook offering all you need for healthy eating and saving.

eBook Key Sections Overview

  • Plan

    How to plan your meal in advance so your not throwing away hard earned cash

  • Cook

    over 100 recipes from Frugal and Thriving

  • Save

    Shopping tactics to save money on groceries



A blog with the goal to educate others of the complex ins and outs of the financial landscape. Established by Jim Wang in 2005, Bargaineering offers a unique perspective giving excellent advice on saving accounts, banking, credit cards, news and frugality to help bring about financial stability.

Once you enter Bargaineering you can find the latest bank rates and financial new. Find insightful ways to invest or grow money. Although the website offers great financial advice, the blog carries the philosophy that no matter how much money you have at the end of the day, happiness comes from doing more of what you love with the people you love.

Wang draws on his own experiences entering the real world after college to offer college grads excellent advice in his “13 page ‘College Grad Money Guide’. Read the guide for awesome tips to help you make the right decisions as you embark on new experiences entering adulthood, whether it be finding a job or paying for your weekly groceries-a daunting time for many.

eBook Key Sections Overview

  • Establishing a foundation

    create your personal financial system

  • Working, Paychecks and Retirement

    learn how to work towards your future

  • Expenses and day-to-day affairs

    tips on managing your finances and budgeting

  • Housing

    minimise your monthly housing costs

  • Plan and prepare for the future

    what to consider when planning ahead


Easy Green Living

A site dedicated to efficiency, sustainability and a greener lifestyle. Easy Green Living hopes to initiate change in the world and it all starts with being more efficient. Sharing some tips on a wide range of practices, Easy green living covers all corners to promote green living. From food, to health to transport Easy Green Living will offer alternatives to essentially benefit yourself and the planet.

To encourage readers for this change, Easy Green Living offers a range of eBooks to get readers involved with sustainable practices. '125 ways to save money...and still be green' this book leaves no stone unturned showing readers how they can go green in almost every aspect of their life. This user-friendly eBook demonstrates ways to reduce water, gas and electricity usage, different and simple tactics that can save you thousands of dollars while remaining environmentally friendly. So with a healthy lifestyle and some extra cash you'll have many opportunities to explore.

eBook Key Sections Overview

  • Save Money and Save Green

    125 practical methods that save money and the environment


Family Friendly Frugality

I think it is safe to say that we all have trouble sticking to a budget at one point. Self taught in the art of coupons, frugality and bargains the author of Family Friendly Frugality, Heather, has taken control of her bad spending habits. There are not many people who can safely say they are living debt free and over the past few years Heather has taught herself how to triple her income within her salary. With no credit card or debt trouble, Heather is living a comfortable lifestyle that many people are striving towards.

To help others, Heather is the driving force behind Family Friendly Frugality a blog to share her road to debt free success with the world. Family Friendly Frugality introduces you to the thrill of saving money and living frugally. You can even download your own Family Friendly Frugality App! once you enter you can navigate through the website and find many useful tips include ‘Strategic Shopping’ and a collection of coupons.

To add to this Family Friendly Frugality offers an eBook called ‘Save Money in 7 Days’ which is a beginners guide for anyone who wishes to cut down a hefty grocery bill.

eBook Key Sections Overview

  • Learn How To Use Coupons

    Some effective ways to use coupons

  • Use Shopping Lists

    Learn how to make the perfect grocery list

  • Determining a Good Price

    How to spot a quality product with a great price


Life Then Finance

With the goal to empower the next generation, Life Then Finance takes action towards personal finance. This blog offers a range of easy to read articles based on personal finance 101, giving readers helpful hints and tips on what to consider at the financial front. Whether it be life insurance, budgeting, college, retirement or credit Life Then Finance is dedicated to move forward and empower the future.

To help them take their first step on their path to financial management, readers are also offered a free eBook called 'Money Matters For Beginners', outlining some of the most simple and effective money saving tips. Offering some essential strategies to save money while still doing all the things you love, definitely an essential read for beginners.

eBook Key Sections Overview

  • Effective Budgeting

    Develop and stick to a successful budget

  • The Envelop Method

    Learn how to stay within your budget

  • Using Credit Card Wisely

    How to avoid the temptation

  • Getting out of debt: debt snow ball

    Tips to avoid the mountain of debt

  • Identity theft

    Tips to protect your online finances


Living on a Dime

Who doesn't want lowered bills and no debt? Living on the Dime is here to help. With the goal of inspiring debt free lifestyle, this is a blog that can help readers start a money saving lifestyle. Providing recipes on the blog that can help reduce your grocery bill, Tawra of Living on a Dime shares her secrets on she manages to spend just $350 a month on groceries.

Living on a Dime offers readers a range of tips on frugal living, groceries, house keeping and some delicious recipes that not only taste great but will keep some cash in your pocket, what could be better?

One of the most prominent features on the Living on a Dime blog is its very own store, offering coupons and their very own eBooks. Although these eBooks come at a price there is a wide range for you to choose from, and you also have the option of having a print copied sent to you or to receive it online. Topics range from how to save money, cooking and how to's such as 'Dining on a dime'. This spectacular award winning eBook offers over 1200 money saving cooking tips, snack ideas, and some easy to cook recipes.

eBook Key Sections Overview

  • Money Saving Recipes

    1200 surefire ways to save money on food


Money Ning

Created by David Ning in July 2007 MoneyNing offers readers a diverse range of comprehensive resources to help them become debt free. MoneyNing works hard to give readers guidance to take action in order to achieve financial freedom. In addition to helping readers become debt free, the blog offers excellent advice to help individuals build wealth through time, and demonstrates how financial choices can impact your life.

MoneyNing also offers a free eBbook upon signing up to the blog giving awesome advice to readers on how they can maximise their saving efforts. The eBook 'How To Save Money on Everything' is a massive 73 page eBook giving excellent details on how to live frugally and save debt free. It is a huge collection of tips and tricks on how to save on pretty much everything from video games to cars to windscreen wipers. All you have to do is subscribe to MoneyNing to receive this excellent piece of financial knowledge.

eBook Key Sections Overview

  • Saving Money

    An epic 73 page guide offering tips on saving money


The Simple Dollar

Since April 2006, Trent Hamm has shared his own personal finance journey through his blog the Simple Dollar to help others fight debt and overcome their bad spending habits. Hamm draws on his experience overcoming a financial meltdown to become debt free and earn some extra cash to give others high-quality advice to achieve their financial goals.

More than just a financial blog, The Simple Dollar offers ways in which readers can take control of their finances and achieve their life goals. After the success of his post "Everything You Ever Really Needed to Know About Personal Finance on the Back of Five Business Cards"

Trent has put together a 49 page eBook ' Everything You Ever Really Needed to Know About Personal Finance On Just One Page'. This incredible resource gives readers an introduction to Trent Hamm's own personal finance journey and goes on to give a myriad of financial advice on a range of topics .The eBook gives readers motivating tips and a positive take on life, while encouraging you to spend less and earn more, taking control of your own personal finance.

eBook Key Sections Overview

  • Spend Less Than You Earn

    Discover how much of your annual income you should really be spending.

  • Earn More

    Trent shares 20 awesome tips to help you boost your income.

  • Live Frugal

    Discover 100 awesome strategies to live frugally and keep out of debt!

  • Manage Money

    Trent offers excellent tips to organise your finances and stay out of the red!


Man vs Debt
$37 Barebone Edition
$47 Clutter Edition
Also includes $100 effectiveness guarantee

Since its beginnings in 2009 Adam Baker has quickly turned Man Vs Debt into one of the most respected personal finance blogs online, offering advice beyonds the realm of finance with the message "The first step to living a life of passion and purpose is to remove the barriers that are holding you back".

To empower others finding themselves in a similar situation, Baker shares his own experience on personal finance, consumerism, clutter, travel, minimalism and passionate entrepreneurship. With the growth of a community with people who share the same passion and interests, Man vs Debt has a range of inspiring articles when it comes to facing debt and supporting a family. The Man vs Debt blog also features a store offering a range of guides to help you find your way out of debt.

One eBook in particular 'Sell Your Crap' this is a monstrous 67 page anthology explaining 'why' and 'how' selling your crap can empower you to live a life free of materialism. Whats more this eBook offers step by step guides to selling your crap on Ebay, craigslist and amazon. An epic package to help you end your hoarding ways and get some extra cash!

eBook Key Sections Overview

The Primary Sell Your Crap Guide

  • What is Crap?

    Determine what is worth keeping and what is holding you back

  • Jump start your purge

    Two effective strategies to get you started

  • Attack clutter together

    A plan to save time and unite your family together against materialism

  • Making the most of your clutter

    Learn which items sell or flop on eBay, craigslist and Amazon


Money Cactus

The team at Money Cactus have worked hard over the years to put together a range of quality articles to help us through the financial hurdles life frequently tosses our way. This excellent blog provides awesome tips, comprehensive resources and some invaluable inspiration to reach financial success. When diving into wealth creation we must always be prepared to sacrifice something, whether it is time or something we enjoy doing.

The Money Cactus blog is here to help readers create wealth, find more time and live your life without holding back. You can read topics on wealth productivity, wealth essentials, business wealth and creating wealth powerful articles that will assist you on your way to financial freedom. As a bonus, Money Cactus also offers a free eBook titled '6 Ways to Improve Your Wealth Right Now' showing readers how they can easily get started to creating an easy going and wealthy lifestyle.

eBook Key Sections Overview

  • How to avoid boring budgets

    learn how to enjoy and not be restricted by your budget

  • How to create set and forget systems

    find out how to automate a boring budget!

  • How to really deal with debt and get rid of it fast

    what to do when you find yourself in debt

  • How to set wealth goals

    write down your goals and stick to them

  • How to earn more money

    tips to earn an extra income

  • How to do nothing and grow wealthy

    some insightful saving tips


Money Saving Mom

Have you ever got a thrill from getting the best bang for your buck? Crystal Pain, the creator of Money Saving Mom expresses her passion for living simply and frugally. Staying out of debt is not impossible, Pain shares her experiences of feeding a family of nine and staying out of debt while her husband went through law school. This personal finance blog is dedicated to telling readers about practical and legit ways to save money in everyday life. Money Saving Mom is a reliable resource carrying many accomplishments such as her own blog series, eBook and eCourse hoping readers can take away some useful money saving tips. Always keeping busy and looking for new ways to help her readers, Money Saving Mom has created three of her very own eBooks.

These brilliant eBooks on 'Thanksgiving', 'Time Management' and 'How To Make Money Blogging' will encourage readers on effective ways to live a simple, debt-free life. Crystal's eBook on 'How To Make Money Blogging' explores the traits you need as a blogger and the strategies that can make an additional income through blogging. It is an excellent guide for beginners who want to make an income through blogging.

eBook Key Sections Overview

  • Necessary Traits For A Blogger.

    Find out what it takes to be a successful blogger

  • Set Up Your Blog For Success.

    What you need to be a stand out on the Internet!

  • Writing Top Notch Content.

    Skills you need for your content to shine

  • Increase Your Readership.

    How to get people to read your blog not skim it

  • Maximize Earnings Through Affiliate Advertising.

    How to go about advertising on your blog

  • Use Your Blog To Earn An Additional Income.

    How to earn money through an amazing blog



Looking for a way to improve finances? Get Moneyedup! A blog that is committed to helping readers both manage and grow their finances. Making sure that you don’t waste a single dollar, Moneyed Up offers awesome insights to reduce spending while not living like a scrooge.

A key feature on Moneyed Up include ‘Mondamentals’ a section ensuring you have your financial fundamentals set in aimed towards helping increase your financial IQ. The blog also offers a range of topics diving into career and business tips, earning some extra income and ‘Think Up’ sharing some insightful thoughts by Moneyedup. Offering one of a kind advice and tips to encourage the reader to think independently and trust in themselves.

Now to help readers get Moneyedup the blog gives readers access to a quality, to the point eBook titled ‘17 ways To Increase Your Income’. A great eBook for all readers and beginners on different approaches to earn income from other sources. .

eBook Key Sections Overview

  • Career

    How to increase your income at work

  • Start a Business

    use you talents to earn some money

  • Invest

    insight into different investments that work for you


PT Money

Philip Taylor, the creator of PT Money shares some of the best financial tips and ideas to create a 'limit-less life'. PT Money is a channel for Taylor to share his own personal finance journey and help others to successfully manage their money. Since its creation in 2007, PT Money has had its own share of successes, with up to 6,500 subscribers and up to 100,000 views a month becoming the go to man for financial tips and resources. One of the key reasons why PT money has become such a reliable online source is found in his dedication to offer a range of high-quality articles on how to make money, save more money and spend money wisely.

To help out his readers, so others can learn from his own personal finance journey, Taylor also offers a free eBook on '52 ways to Make Extra Money'. Nominated for the Plutus Award, which gives recognition to the best personal finance blogs int he blogosphere. This eBook provides financial tips and tricks that will leave you with some extra cash for retirement. Inside the eBook there are 52 practical ideas for anyone who would like to make extra money with comprehensive guides from money making experts. To further lead you into a 'limit-less life' the eBook demonstrates ways you can use your extra money to become debt free.

eBook Key Sections Overview

  • 52 Practical Ideas for Making Extra Money

    Find some of the easiest and exciting methods to make some extra money!

  • 2 Bonus Ideas

    offering 2 unique ideas on earning some extra money


Oblivious Investor
$4.99 Investing made Simple

What are the first words that come to mind when you think investment? Is it success? risk? money? The Oblivious Investor is a blog dedicated to helping you take the right steps to enter and succeed in the daunting world of investment. Offering a range of articles that look into taxes, accounts and roth IRA, the Oblivious Investor sets itself apart from other investment guides by exploring each aspect of investment at great lengths.

Visitors to the blog can also get their hands on "Investing Made Simple: Investing in Index Funds Explained in 100 Pages or Less" a superb eBook to help you get your foot in the door and learn how to start making safe investments. In addition, the Oblivious Investor offers users "Can I Retire?", a book with all the right tips to help you properly determine if you have enough cash stashed to retire.

eBook Key Sections Overview

Investing Made Simple: Investing in Index Funds Explained in 100 Pages of Less

  • Asset Allocation

    Understand the basic and how to determine your own assets.

  • How to Pick Mutual Funds

    Learn how to choose and maximise the right fund

  • Roth IRA vs Traditional IRA vs 401 (k)

    Explains the difference and how you can choose the right one for you

  • Financial Advisers

    Learn the benefits and pitfalls that can come out from investing

  • Frequent Investor Mistakes

    Identifies the risks and teaches you how to avoid them

  • Calculate Your Retirement Needs

    Plan for the future and calculate how much you'll need for retirement


The Dividend Guy

A blog by a regular guy sharing the art of investing. You don't have to be a high earning exec to gain true value from the Dividend Guys writings. The Dividend Guy shares his passion for investing in high dividend stocks, offering tips to novice investors on how they can enter the often-daunting world of investment by following a few simple steps. Sharing a range of concepts, tips and tricks The Dividend Guy has become a reliable resource to help beginners be experts when it comes to investing in stocks.

Offering a free eBook called 'How to Build a Never Ending Cash Distributor' beginners are able to truly understand the art of dividend stocks. The eBook was written for beginners exploring the basics and addressing common mistakes. It helps readers build their own portfolio, wile listing a range of resources available to maximise investments. This is a fun and easy to read guide on how to make money through dividend stocks.

eBook Key Sections Overview

  • Don't Lose Money Investing

    Learn about Dividend investing and get prepared

  • Looking At The Engine Of Your Never Ending Money Distributor

    how to find an opportunity for success

  • Baby Steps To Start Investing

    Tips on investing and what to consider

  • Tools Of The Trade

    useful sites and blogs to help you out


The Finance Buff
$11.72 from Amazon
$4.95 from The Finance Buff

Started in 2006, the Finance Buff caters for a diverse audience offering quality articles covering a range of financial topics. Recognises as 'one of the best' personal finance blogs out there, The Finance Buff has grown to become one of the most popular blogs in the personal finance space. Tn addition, The Finance Buff documents and shares the authors first hand experiences offering visitors invaluable learning by delving deep into the complex world of personal finance.

The Finance Buff has created an eBook on Treasury Inflation Protected Securities called 'Explore TIPS' . A key guide for both experts and novices when it comes to investing in TIPS, 'Explore TIPS' gives readers a strong understanding of what TIPS actually are, followed by showing readers how to buy them and various high level strategies. This TIPS guide is available on for $11.72 or in PDF format for $4.95 directly from The Finance Buff.

eBook Key Sections Overview

  • Bonds Refresher

    Explore what is involved in Bonds

  • TIPS Basics

    Everything you need to know about TIPS before you start

  • TIPS Mutual Funds and ETFs

    Learn about the different type of TIPS funds

  • How To Buys TIPS In Secondary Markets

    What you need to know about the secondary market

  • TIPS Strategies

    Learn what TIPS works best for you


Forex FX Trader

Marc Walton, an expert forex trader of many years is your guide to help you take your first steps into the complex world of Forex Trading. The blog caters for both novice and experienced traders with Walton drawing on his own experience to explore both introductory and advanced forex topics. Forex FX Trader offers a range of resources and tools to give traders direction in developing their Forex trading strategy.

Walton possesses an impressive ability to break down the most complex of topics in such a way as to make it accessible to traders of any experience level. This blog offers some key features including Forex Mentor Pro, Walton's own interactive learning platform with a range of quality tools including 40 tutorial videos and an exhaustive library of training materials to boost your Forex knowledge. Also exchange opinions, thoughts and reviews in Forex FX Trader very own 'Forex Forum'.

As a first step to get on board Forex, the blog offers a free eBook that will take you from a beginner trader to a professional trader. There are plenty of Forex lessons, tips and advice and how to trade Forex from home, further guiding readers to success.

eBook Key Sections Overview

  • What is Forex

    Understanding Forex for beginners

  • How Can I Trade Forex

    Different ways to trade Forex

  • Forex Money Management

    Tips to successfully manage your money


Get Rich Slowly

A blog dedicated to providing readers with 'personal finance that makes cents' Get Rich Slowly has evolved into one of the premiere financial blogs online. Sharing tips and stories on debt elimination, saving money, practical spending and very engaging twitter chats Get Rich Slowly has become a valuable resource for readers with varying levels of expertise. Recently named 'Best Blog of 2011' by Time Magazine and 'Most Inspiring Money Blog' by Money Magazine, this is one blog you don't want to pass up.

This blog also offers a free eBook titled 'The Get Rich Slowly Guide to Roth IRAs'. This eBook outlines 'saving is the key to wealth' demonstrating how to start saving for retirement through IRA (Individual Retirement Arrangement). Exploring the different types of IRA's this eBook identifies and discusses the best kind of investments for an IRA. The Get Rich Slowly Guide to Roth IRA's is for anyone interested in looking at retirement plans, with the author also answering common questions submitted by readers. Offering need to know tips and ways to save for retirement, the eBook provides quality learning for those looking to boost their retirement savings.

eBook Key Sections Overview

  • Power of Compounding

    How compounding can ensure financial success

  • Roth IRA Basics

    Everything you need to know about IRA

  • Best Investments for Roth IRA

    Tactics to use to maximise earnings

  • FAQ

    common issues explained


Frugal Dad

Want to live a debt free life and earn a little extra on the way? Frugal Dad does. Jason White the founder of Frugal Dad, draws on his own experiences to broaden his readers knowledge of how to save on everyday to help them achieve their long term financial goals. Recently producing very thought provoking infographics such as Why The Airlines Are Bankrupt, Frugal Dad continues to share some practical insights into personal finance.

Going strong since 2007, Frugal Dad brings forward some of the most simple and useful tips for financial freedom, sharing with readers the secret towards financial freedom. Also adding a little a treat for coupon lovers, Frugal Dad offers coupons from some popular stores to help readers get more bang for their buck. One of the most popular features from the site is the '7-Day Turnaround' series posts which has now been compiled into a Free eBook. Available to subscribers of the blog, this eBook focuses on changing your financial destiny in one week! This inspirational 16 page eBook establishes a baseline for financial success making sure your ready for anything. By simply making the most of what you have and moving forward, Frugal Dad offers practical methods to change your financial destiny.

eBook Key Sections Overview

  • Take an Inventory of Your Finances

    Tips to get organised quickly

  • Build an Emergency Fund

    The importance of having an emergency fund

  • Cut up the Credit Cards

    How credit cards are holding you back

  • Slash your Expenses

    Make a dent in your debts and boost your savings

  • Save for Retirement

    Things to consider when looking towards the future

  • Give the Gift of Education

    Tips on saving for college

  • Invest for an Early Retirement

    What to consider when looking at an early retirement


No Credit Needed

Created in April 2005, No Credit Needed offers key financial advice to help keep it's visitors reduce their debt. Offering a wealth of information to keep you coming back for more, NCN explores various strategies to reduce debt, identifying common mistakes and how to avoid them. So what makes NCN different from any other debt reduction site? NCN has worked hard to enhance the visitors experience by offering tools that can help readers keep track of their funds with a range of debt reduction calculators, guides, spreadsheets and much more.

To further assist readers to live debt free, NCN has uploaded a simple 8 page guide to Debt Reduction. This is a free guide that takes readers through methods which reduce debt, showing how calculating your balance and making minimum payments can lead to saving up for retirement and college.

eBook Key Sections Overview

  • Getting Started

    What you need to consider for successful debt reduction

  • Moving Beyond The Basics

    Advice on minimizing debt

  • Preparing For Freedom

    Tips to plan for the future

  • Staying The Course

    Show ways to maximise your earnings

  • Planning For The Future

    What to do with extra earnings


Oblivious Investor
$4.99 Can I Retire

What are the first words that come to mind when you think investment? Is it success? risk? money? The Oblivious Investor is a blog dedicated to helping you take the right steps to enter and succeed in the daunting world of investment. Offering a range of articles that look into taxes, accounts and roth IRA, the Oblivious Investor sets itself apart from other investment guides by exploring each aspect of investment at great lengths.

Visitors to the blog can also get their hands on "Investing Made Simple: Investing in Index Funds Explained in 100 Pages or Less" a superb eBook to help you get your foot in the door and learn how to start making safe investments. In addition, the Oblivious Investor offers users "Can I Retire?", a book with all the right tips to help you properly determine if you have enough cash stashed to retire.

eBook Key Sections Overview

Can I Retire? How Much Money You Need to Retire and How to Manage Your Retirement Savings, Explained in 100 Pages or Less

  • How Much Income Will I Need?

    Find out how much you need to save before retiring

  • Annuities

    Learn how to minimise risk of outliving your money

  • Roth IRA vs Traditional IRA vs Taxable

    Find out which account is best suited for you

  • Asset Allocation

    Choose the appropriate asset allocation for your retirement portfolio

  • Asset Location

    Learn strategies to minimize taxes

  • Choosing Mutual Funds

    Find the best mutual fund for your situation


Love Being Retired

Love Being Retired is an inspirational blog for all reaching their later stages of life where retirement is "Only The Beginning'. Creator of the blog, Dave Bernard is not yet retired but has begun his due diligence to plan for a satisfying retirement.

The blog is dedicated to experiencing a rewarding and exciting retired life. In order to make a difference before the 'right age', Love Being Retired offers a range of topics exploring a healthy and simple living style. Exploring different aspects of retirement and how it may effect the readers, showing truly how retirement is just the beginning. Focussing on non-financial aspects of retiring, Bernard is also a weekly contributor to US News and World on Retirement blog. Giving back to the community and making the most of life, the blog contributes to various organisations that put great effort into make a difference within their community. Moving forward, Love Being Retired supports organisations such as Smile Train and ChildFund International to continue their ongoing mission of saving children.

To share their belief that retirement is only the beginning, Love Being Retired offer an eBook called 'Navigating the Retirement Jungle' an easy to read eBook providing excellent advice to help prepare for retirement. The eBook covers a ton of issues on financing your retirement, living healthy and living an enjoyable retirement.

eBook Key Sections Overview

  • Evaluate When You Can Afford To Retire

    Financial considerations before retiring

  • Guidelines To Frugal Yet Enjoyable Retirement

    Discover a new phase of life with an exciting retirement

  • Tips To Staying Healthy

    How to create a healthy lifestyle

  • Salvaging Your Retirement Savings

    How to maximise your retirement savings


Position Ignition

Position Ignition is the work of Simon North and Nisa Chitakasem, who established the career-focused company in the UK in 2009. The basis of what Position Ignition does is around career counseling, advice, guidance and support for those who are faced with career challenges.

To ensure the best results possible, each counselling program is tailored to specifically meet the needs of each individual. In addition to these guidance programs, Position Ignition also provides a number of career eBooks designed to support you in job search, career development and career changes . Position Ignition’s latest eBook titled ‘Moving into Retirement in the 21st Century', delves into issues such as the imbalance in the demographic profile and impact this will have for those who are moving towards their retirement stage.

eBook Key Sections Overview

  • Key Factors To Consider When Retiring

    Whats involved when retiring

  • When To Leave Work and How To Evaluate Your Situation

    How your retirement effects others

  • How To Plan For Retirement Effectively

    Tips to create a successful retirement


Satisfying Retirement

Bob Lowry shares with us his incredible journey of life. Created in June 2010, Lowry had entered the blogging space expressing his feelings and journey of life. This blog offers insights which are aimed to help readers make the most and experience life at another level. Sharing his thoughts on retirement, readers understand that you have to work at your retirement if you want to enjoy one free of financial stress.

Becoming a learning experience for everyone Lowry encourages readers to leave their thoughts on his blog, so both reader and author can take away some insights on the matter. To help prepare you for retirement, Lowry has put together an eBook 'Building a Satisfying Retirement' which provides a new perspective on retirement. The eBook offers a range of insightful topics and things to consider when building relationships for a satisfying retirement.

eBook Key Sections Overview

  • Retirement Dead Ahead: What am I Facing

    What to expect when coming to retirement

  • Achieving Financial Peace of Mind

    Tips to create financial peace of mind

  • Building and Maintaining Strong Relationships

    Ways to create a happy environment with the people around you

  • Retirement and Healthy Living

    How to live healthy during retirement

  • Creativity

    Exciting ways to enjoy retirement

  • Work After Retirement

    What to consider about working after retirement

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