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Information verified correct on March 25th, 2015

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Death is an inevitable part of life, there is nothing you can do to avoid it, all you can do is make sure you fit in as much life as possible before your time is up. And of course make sure you go out with a bang.

Of course none of the people mentioned above planned such a memorable, unique and hilarious end to their lives, but they do serve as a reminder of just how many people around the world, every year, are putting themselves at risk without thinking, sometimes with terminal results.

While, like most things, these stories are funny because they’ve happened to someone else, if they get you thinking about life and death and the fragility of it all, then they have not been in vain because you just never know when you’ll be stabbed by a chicken, or be lighting someone’s fart on fire for the last time.

Stop and Think

While many of the deaths in this list have been good for a laugh, we may not have heard half of these stories if the people involved had taken a moment to stop and think about what they were doing right before they died. The rapid rise in popularity of planking in Australia is a prime example of just how easy it can be to get carried away in the moment and forget to stop and consider the risks. The planking craze, where a person lies horizontally stiff with their arms by their sides in unusual places, has already resulted in the senseless death of a young Brisbane man this year, as well as a number of seriously injured young adults. And all for what? a couple of potentially funny photos and internet fame?

Life Insurance in Australia

With unexpected dangers present in all of our lives, the number of Australians who are uninsured or under-insured is scarier than a bad obituary. The Investment and Financial Services Association released research on 2 March 2010 which showed that 95% of Australian families do not have sufficient life insurance coverage and the typical household is set to lose 50% or more of their income if one parent is struck by serious illness, injury or death.

Looking back further at IFSA surveys, in 2005 the association’s report showed that 96% of families with dependent children don’t have enough insurance and while 83% of Australians had insured their car, only 31% had taken out income protection insurance.

The Victorian bush fires of 2009 are a good example of the devastating impact that under-insurance can have on an unsuspecting community. Of the 173 people who sadly lost their lives in the tragedy, only 30 life insurance claims were paid by Australian life insurance companies, which means that only 17.3% of people had life insurance. The total payout of those 30 claims was $5 million which equates to only $169,000 per claim.

If you want to make sure that your family has more than $169,000 to survive on for the rest of their lives if you were to die, perhaps its time to make sure you’re fully covered by contacting Life Insurance Finder. Life Insurance Finder takes the guesswork out of choosing a life insurance policy by providing you with information and reviews on most life insurance products available today. As we have seen above, life is short and you just never know when or how you are going to go out.

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